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Vernal Equinox Registration Special

Hi Everyone,

Wanted to tell you about a CECA Registration special we’re doing in honor of the Vernal Equinox (yes, the sun goes down an hour later, but it always helps to be highly visible).  Here it is, register for a 5 or 10 ride bundle of Virtual Doubles and receive the following:

  • 5-Ride bundle riders receive the Flectr 360 Wing reflector set Flectr 360 Wing
  • 10-Ride bundle riders will receive the Tracer 360 Vest – Tracer 360
  • Riders who have already registered will receive these gifts as well
  • I have both of these products and they are really cool

5-ride bundles are $150.00 and 10-ride bundles are $250.00.   They are good from March 1, 2021 through December 31, 2021.  Virtual Doubles can be indoor or outdoor.   The Doubles require 200 miles and 6,000 feet of climbing.

To receive these really cool tools, register for a 5 or 10 ride bundle between now and April 15, 2021.   Registering is easy, just email me at cecabike@gmail.com and I’ll shoot you the registration information.

The mission of CECA is to provide the endurance cycling community a platform to ride Virtual Doubles (indoors or outdoors) and a method to capture those achievements.   We want to provide you the ability and convenience to achieve your goals without having to take extensive time away from your family, travel, and minimize the expense of reaching your cycling goals.

We look forward to you joining the group.   Looking forward to a great Double season with all of you.


Check back regularly as we’ll be updating the site regularly. If you have questions about CECA, please email Ira at cecabike@gmail.com